Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Announcing: mmockito 0.1.0 - MATLAB Mock framework based on Java Mockito

Well, the thesis got finished, and successfully defended, but the promised open-sourcing somehow took a back seat to celebrating and travel. Nevertheless, it's never too late to rectify the situation! Here is a copy of the announcement mail; more content will hopefully follow on the blog shortly (and probably doubling as documentation for the project).

I would like to announce the first release of mmockito, which is an open-source Mock framework for MATLAB, inspired by Java mockito. The work is a product of my bachelor's thesis and to my knowledge no other mocking frameworks exist for MATLAB. The project can be freely downloaded from its Github page:


which can also be used to submit pull requests and report issues. A mailing list is also available for the project at:


Documentation is (surprisingly) sparse at the moment; some is available through MATLAB and more information and a detailed comparison to Mockito and mockito-python can be found in my thesis, which can be freely downloaded. If you are interested in following the project, my personal blog will be updated occasionally; general discussion should be directed to the mailing list.